I made this comic because going to work, getting wasted and looking at LOLcatsĀ  just wasn’t enough to amuse me anymore..

You have betrayed me

3 responses to “About..

  1. at risk of making your sound like a looser by only having one comment form someone who s clearly a family member….. i lol’d hard at the new comics then i rofl’d then i, brb…….

  2. Hi Tom,

    I had a table at yesterdays Comix changed my life which you visited and gave me some of your Bare Critters

    I have just had a look around here and i think the strips are superb and inventive

    I was wondering how you would feel about me featuring something about Bare Critters and or even a little interview in a monthly free publication which i am planning to launch march next year which will be called Images Degrading Forever Magazine

    I am very happy to offer a open space of a few pages (minimum of 1) if you would rather not have either of the above and just want to do something else for as few or as many issues as you would like – at the moment i have planned for 8 issues of the monthly, but who knows!

    The publication will be given away free on the counters of select comic book shops, at events like comics changed my life, and digitally in PDF format to my existing subscriber base

    Obviously unfortunately i cannot offer a page rate or payment for inclusion as i am paying for the whole thing myself – and equally obviously anything you want to contribute can totally remain copyright yourself thats no issue





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